Inside London’s Undying Queer Scene: Part 2

Exclusively caught on both 35mm and Polaroid film, photographer Emily Rose England is opening the culture vultures of the internet a beautiful inside look into London’s undying queer scene.

Following disastrous closures in and across London of famous gay venues, it could be assumed that London’s gay scene is slowly dying. Wrong. The likes of The Black Cap, Madame Jojo’s, George & Dragon may have fallen victim to gentrification, but London’s queer scene is screaming “viva la glitter” in an inexhaustible state of party and soul.

Shot at “Sassitude”, the event (which has just celebrated it’s first strong year), boasts great music and everything camp and queer. “Whether you’re strong and sassy like Athena, a sultry bombshell lke Aphrodite or just wanna dress up and party like Dionysus (ya I know technically he’s a God but he’s also the patron saint of homosexuality so you know) [Sassitude] is the night for you to let your hair down and get your godesss groove on.”

In conversation with artist and founder, Emily Rose England tells me that “Sassitude is a celebration of femininity really and having fun. Too many queer nights focus on being masc but I just want a night that people can slap on a load of makeup, put on a fur coat and dance the night away”

“I shoot on both 35mm and polaroid but I tend to shoot on polaroid when I can because I just find it captures the moment perfectly, I like the instantness of it and it kinda goes with the whole 90s vibe of the night.”















Words – Dean Eastmond

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