In The Mood for Quaglino’s Italian Summer

Think classic style, warm summer breeze soundtracked by some timeless Italian chords. No, I’m not describing Call Me By Your Name sun-dappled Northern Italy or a romantic summer night in Capri, but Quaglino’s new Summer Aperitivo, freshly launched last week. With 7 masterfully mixed cocktails that manage to fuse presentation, flavour and atmosphere alike, the iconic London restaurant vows to ease you into the weekend.

Start off with La Serenissima, a fresh, sweet taste that will bring the Italian coast to your London summer night. The Conte Cavour, with its brisk mix of Cinzano and gin is also not to be missed. It might also be the certain something to elevate those Instagram selfies.

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To top it off, t’s not news that Italian cuisine is quite frankly, one of the best globally. But even beyond the world famous pizza and pasta, Q-Aperitivo aims to give you a tour de force through the remarkable tastes the peninsula has to offer. You’ll sample charcuterie platters and Arancini, savouring crab cakes and more as the authentic Italian live music makes you almost forget about the big city for a while. Almost.

‘Q Aperitivo’ comes to Quaglino’s every Thursday from 5-8pm. Enjoy a menu of 7 expertly mixed cocktails accompanied by a special bar food menu and authentic Italian live music in the bar every week. More information here.

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