In Conversation with Off Bloom

Straight off the back of touring with LANY, Copenhagen trio Off Bloom have earnt themselves the title of one of the buzziest bands to emerge in 2017.

Rightfully so, given their take on punchy, power pop is some of the greatest new music we’ve heard in an age. Ahead of a support slot for Dua Lipa at London’s iconic Shepherd’s Bush Empire, we discuss influences, community and what the future holds for Off Bloom with members Alex, Mads and Mette.

I read somewhere that Off Bloom is more than just a band name for you. What do you mean by that?

Alex: Just like with everything that we’ve sort of put out, there’s a thought behind how we want ourselves to be shown. The name came from the idea of not necessarily going against the grain, but not trying to be influenced by what you should do or what’s hot in radio. Just being really truthful to everything you do when you’re in the studio. Instead of being like what’s in bloom, we do what’s off bloom.

Mads: We often sit with our friends and try to figure out what’s the new thing and what could be new to do. We just want to create a community where we can try destroying the boundaries between people and just be together. I think that’s something that we. It’s good to constantly remind yourself that this is what it’s about. It’s not about trying to figure out what the new thing is. Just fucking go into the studio and just be truthful and honest. See the energy that comes out and just try stuff out. Talk about your feelings and stuff.

You mentioned this idea of a community and, obviously, you’re surrounded by so many creatives in Copenhagen. How does being surrounded by them influence your music and style?

Alex: That’s the only reason we’re here really, because of our friends. Because of the people that constantly inspire us.

Mette: Like the ones studying in university to do economics or acting or whatever.

Alex: Community comes into that. The way we talk about things, in the way we sort of approach life in general, the way we all like to talk about these things and philosophise about it together. It’s super inspiring to have friends who have a different approach to things that you do and they can come and say something about music that we’d have never thought about.

You’ve been on tour with Dua Lipa for a while now, what have been your highlights from the shows?

Mads: It has all been super, super, super amazing

Mette: I think all of the shows have been really good, all of her fans are really engaged in her. They love us too and, of course, because they found out that we’re the support they started listening to the music. We get hundreds and hundreds of messages saying they love our music. That’s been a huge gift for us. We’re so proud and it’s been so cool.

Mads: Them being so engaged with her is a motivation for us. After ever show, the fans have been writing to us. Because they engage so much with Dua, they engage so much with us opening.

Mette: Even though we aren’t as engaged with social media as others, her fans are showing us the huge possibilities that it can have for musicians and fans. We want everyone to feel like they’re on the same time and that everyone can be apart of this.

Mads: Though the only reason we don’t use it much is because we can’t figure out how to work it…

Alex: And this is only really our first tour. We did the three dates with LANY and now this so learning how to be on tour is really good for us.

What would you say you’ve learnt most from Dua and LANY?

Mads: How to perform, really. Our end goals are to create a great performance. I personally hate concerts, I can last about 15 minutes before getting super bored. I’m super into music though so it’s a bit of a paradox. We are learning how to perform and be with the audience as apposed to just playing at them.

Mette: At least that is what we try to do… Both Dua and LANY were both so cool and it’s been so great to see their shows.

You mentioned noticing how young a lot of the audience can be, was this something you anticipated when setting out at the start?

Alex: This is all super new to us, our shows have generally been a lot of older people but these shows have been an exception.

Mette: Spotify tells us that our main listener audience is around 20 – 35 years old so these are have been really fun as it’s been so different. Actually, I didn’t even realise how young the LANY fans are till we did the shows. Loads and loads of girls with roses!

You’ve got a London headline show (The Pickle Factory, 16 May) coming up. How do you expect the crowd to differ?

Alex: I think we’ve stolen a few fans from here so I’m hoping a lot of the Dua crowd will join us.

Mads: One of the great things about a young crowd is how inspiring they are as they love the music so much and max out on whatever they love. So dedicated.

You have a track titled Love To Hate It. Tell me: what do you hate the most?

Alex: When people walk slowly in front of me.

Mette: I hate that I bump into everyone all the time when walking as I have no sense of direction. Lots of hate for walking.

How have you handled the huge response to your music in the incredibly short time that it’s been online?

Alex: We released a few tracks before Love To Hate It, which we performed on Danish TV at an awards show on the day of release. No one knew who we were but the reaction was crazy. Really positive.

Mads: In our world, everything is Off Bloom related all day long. For us, it feels very slow but only because so many good things are happening.

Alex: We did take our time with the tracks, we spent a lot of time working on the music before releasing anything at all. It’s just nice to have them out there now.

Mette: We wanna be the biggest band in the world, so it’s a lot of ‘ugh when is it going to happen?!’ It’s all down to really high ambition.

What do you think it is about Scandinavia that produces such great pop?

Alex: We get asked this a lot but I honestly have no idea. We come from a group of friends who have all grown up loving and making music so I think that’s why there is a certain level for us.

Mads: When you’re from Scandinavia, Scandi pop will always get mentioned with your name. I think that has something to do with it.

Alex: And, of course, you have pioneers like Max Martin that are renowned worldwide s he helps but Scandi pop on the map.

Run me through the creative process behind an Off Bloom track. What comes first?

Mads: It’s different for each but mostly it’s me and Alex in the studio messing about and figuring out which vibe we wanna go for. Just having fun with it all.

Mette: We have been very production-focused so we’re trying to switch things up and try different things in the studio to work for us. Sometimes it can be really hard so it’s constantly searching for that right sound and what we want.

Alex: There are no rules. It’s all about following the vibe.

Where do you hope Off Bloom with be in one years time?

Mette: In the Maldives. [laughs] Headlining Shepherds Bush! We want to have released a lot more music so we’re on a whole other level of awesome.

New single Falcon Eye is out now. Off Bloom play The Pickle Factory on 16 May with tickets available from right here.

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