How WUT?CLUB is Fast Becoming London’s Brightest Haven for Queer Clubbers

Welcome to WUT?CLUB, a queer pocket of glitter and good music with enough club-kids and drag queens to make the typical passerby feel like they’ve taken something they probably shouldn’t have.

Creativity marries itself with queer expression in this monthly club night, as East London’s club scene ignites itself with more excitement than ever. Gentrification may take the queer scene’s iconic homes, but clubbers live on and will forever find new bohemian spaces to douse themselves in contour and colour.

WUT?CLUB is a sanctuary for the belles, the beasts and everything in between, bursting with diverse clubkid values and integrity. There’s an element of grit to these events. The nights still feel grassroot despite being one of the most talked about monthly club events in East London. This grit, however, does not mean that the nights are disorganised, sloppy or dangerous. In fact, the level of sophistication Founder Anthony McGinley and Creative Director, host and performer Cain Jennings ooze is on the same level as some of the longest running club nights in London.

Now celebrating their second birthday, WUT?CLUB was born off the back of Anthony’s previous night – Super Electric Party Machine – with TZUJI fashion designer Larry Tee. Following a dip in London’s scene, SEPM gave Anthony a residence to DJ under his alias Attack Attack Attack. But when Tee moved to Berlin to focus on his fashion line, WUT?CLUB rose from SEPM’s ashes, offering a new approach to queer clubbing with fresh talent, themed events and a crowd of clubbers that desired something new.

To them, WUT?CLUB is “a place where likeminded people from all walks of life can have fun and be loved. A place to showcase creative talents, push the boundaries of conventional drag and continue to blur the lines on gender norms. A hedonist escapism underpinned with a credible underground soundtrack and an all out party atmosphere.

Cain himself has only been in London for two and a half years. He explains that moving to London from a small town in the Midlands was “just an explosion of excitement” that allowed him to explore the parameters of his own identity through the gay scene.

“There is no other scene like East London,” Anthony explains. “Everywhere in the UK or internationally has never quite compared to the alternative style and music that you can find here in London. In general the scene never really excited me outside of that. There are some exceptions, Krank in Berlin, FancyHIM in Tokyo and of course Milkshake Festival, Amsterdam, one of my favourite places on earth.”

But the duo aren’t afraid to look beyond London, with international music festivals in the 2017 pipeline. Their next appearance will be at Dalston Superstore for their Peep Show themed night in the run-up to the duo teasing at bigger events across the city throughout the year. Tickets and more here.

Images: Jack William Hope Walker

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