Halloween Q&A: Zara Larsson, Blossoms, Aurora and Izzy Bizu

we do love a good halloween party. vevo halloween crammed the best of 2016’s new music, 3500 fans and a ton of fake cobwebs into liverpool’s (already eery) bramley-moore dock, rightful earning the title of our favourite halloween party ever.

Pop-hero Zara Larsson, indie figurehead’s Blossoms, the enchanting Aurora and Soul’s new-girl Izzy Bizu all graced the stage with full live sets across the evening, proving that Halloween without them just wouldn’t be the same. We challenged each with our quick Halloween Q&A, revealing who’d be best to avoid if you’re after treats, the real problem with killer clowns and phobias of milk…

What’s the Most impressive Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?

Zara Larsson: Last night, I went as Scar from Lion King but nobody really got it… I think I was a bit shy with the make-up so I just looked like a cat mixed with Cher. I didn’t mind that though cos I was really feeling my wig so that was really fun. I just don’t usually dress up at all, I’m very lowkey. This year though, if I’m told I gotta bring it then Ima bring it…[laughs] I like the new Halloween me. Izzy Bizu: I once did Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum with my best friend which was a fun. We just got to be fat for the evening. Aurora: I guess the one I’m wearing now [lace doll costume with apples stuffed into the bra] as it’s the first costume I think I’ve worn. Joe [drums], Blossoms: Myles [keys] went as a massive dick once, he’s not got out the costume… Tom [vocals], Blossoms: I did Edward Scissorhands once. Me and Myles did Clockwork Orange last year. When I was younger, I went as Michael Jackson and my mum made me the jacket out of a red bin bag. I always wanted one of those Scream masks but could never find anywhere that did them.

best film perfect for a halloween movie marathon?

Aurora: Oh! I do like Chuckie the doll. I just find dolls really interesting. Izzy Bizu: Scarface. Not very Halloween-y but it’s pretty dark…

What is there not enough of at Halloween?

Zara Larsson: People that dress up. It’s funny as I never usually get dressed up so now I can speak for the dressing-up people and say its actually really fun! Also, more candy. In general. Everyday. Aurora: I really like the creepiness of it all… So that and costumes as it means people get to be someone else for the day. I think for many people it’s a very nice day. It’s also nice to celebrate the dead, since it’s the only thing we can really do for them. Izzy Bizu: Fake blood, maybe? Oh, pranks! Tom, Blossoms: Clowns, this year. Killer clowns have been killing off the clown costumes, they’re everywhere. Joe, Blossoms: Halloween is just so shit over here. You go to America and it’s a huge deal, they take everything so seriously.

…So what is there too much of at Halloween?

Izzy Bizu: It’s not necessarily a bad thing but drinks. Trick or treating too. I never have chocolate on me so you’ll just get a banana off me. Zara Larsson: I don’t there’s too much of anything. There’s never too much when it comes to Halloween.

Since Halloween is all about being scared, do you have any irrational fears to confess?

Zara Larsson: I’m freaked out by things that can move without legs but that’s not really a phobia. I’m just scared of death but then who isn’t?! Aurora: Not really. I do believe in supernatural things but I don’t believe any of them are out to hurt us. I’m more afraid of people… Izzy Bizu: Slimy things… Needles too but I’d assume quite a number of people are scared of them. Tom, Blossoms: Milk. Fucking hate it. It’s meant for a baby cow, not a human. Also, naked feet on hard floors.

Favourite song perfect for a Halloween playlist?

Aurora: Anything by Marilyn Manson! Izzy Bizu: I don’t really know any. Let’s just go with Thriller! Check out the full live performances from all four acts at Vevo Halloween 2016 below.

Words // Bill Baker Photo credit // VEVO UK