Grimes’ Music to be Reimagined by Composers in a Series of Classical Concerts

Visions, Grimes’s third studio album, is to be rearranged and performed in a series of classical concerts. In ‘Many Visions: Plumes Deconstructs the Music of Grimes’, 13 composers will take on tracks from the Canadian musician’s 2012 release.

The concerts will be performed in Canada but streamed worldwide. Composer Monica Pearce revealed that it would be “quite different from the album”, showing listeners a new side to the Canadian songstresses work. Pearce, one of the composers tasked with reinterpreting the album for a classical audience, picked Nightmusic as her song of choice.

“We wanted to see how we could bridge the gap between popular and classical music – we have a suspicion it’s smaller than people think,” Luke Nickel of Winnipeg’s Cluster New Music and Integrated Arts Festival) explained to MusicWorks. “We want to think about interpretation and rearrangement, not only in terms of musical material but also in terms of the spirit of an artist. That led us to Grimes, whose DIY attitude seems to resonate across genres.”

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