FUtureTRends: Inside Millennial 20/20

With an expansion as rapid as the quickfire that drives millennial culture, the past 3 years have seen Millennial 20/20 taking over London, Singapore, New York and Sydney keeping brands and retailers in constant flow. The next step of the conversation is turning it into a global community, one that, as Beyoncé’s Beyhive Would Teach Us About Brand Loyalty, recognizes the authenticity the millennial consumer landscape is all about. As a taster of what FUTR promises for its next chapter, we joined them at M20/20 to get the pulse of how they aim to bridge the gap between now and next. They have covered everything from data strategy and planning consciously around your target audience, to even upgrading how we drink our water, venture supported by the innovative Drinkfinity.


With content that aims to refresh marketing strategies with real shifts in demand as they happen, Milennial 20/20 brought together panels and presentations that identified this ever-growing taste for real-time authenticity. Honing our shifting obsession with celebrities into a commercial tool had us explore how the loyalty of say, the Beyhive, could be translated into a genuine example of consumer loyalty.

Be Conscious

Further stressing realness as the one true millennial desire, presentations moved towards measuring the social impact that brands often swear by. Whether on either side of the debate with regard to TOMS one-for-one marketing campaign, we can all agree on their cause-focused marketing strategy. In stressing a social media approach that makes their audience feel like an integrated part of a genuine larger cause, the brand stays at the forefront of the market simply based on its unshaken devotion to appeal to the customer’s desire to make an impact, impulse which may or may not be acted upon otherwise.

What’s Next

With a focus on big data that rings all too true in light of the recent media storm linking Facebook with the presidential election, M20/20 participants created a space to listen and learn about global trends in these areas. The newly-launched research platform FUTR Insights will allow innovators to entertain the conversation year-round, changing directions as data refreshes itself. With trends on the horizon verging from VR’s commercial potential, the necessary merging of tech and commerce for a millennial crowd, and the increased reduction of staff as commerce continues to rise, this conversation is just beginning.

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