First Aid Kit Return With Mesmerizing Single ‘It’s a Shame’

Swedish duo First Aid Kit’s narrative folk makes a return in a follow-up to their 2014 Columbia Records debut Stay Gold. Their modest, Sixties-inspired country infused self-expression reaches maturity in It’s a Shame, as the two siblings enter a new lyrical stage of their careers. Having experienced love, heartache and loss, the Söderberg sisters come to analyse and release these growing pains in a mesmerising track evocative of a bittersweet kind of loneliness that is an inevitable part of growing older.

“We went to Los Angeles last spring and spent five weeks there writing. It was a tough time for the both of us. We were in this beautiful sunny place, but mostly felt sad and lonely. It’s a Shame is a song about the emptiness and the desperation you feel after a relationship has come to an end. How you will go to great lengths just to numb the pain and feel less lonely.”

Tell me it’s okay, sometimes the night cuts through me like a knife’ sing the sisters in their quest of letting go and of acceptance. They throw a joyful filter on that state of confusion typical of entering your early twenties, they dissect it and somehow even come to accept it. Although there’s no one at the receiving end of their plea and there’s no one to ease their fears, with Klara’s comforting guitar riffs, we too, along with the sisters, might just learn that it is, after all, okay, and that dwelling on that feeling of being stuck in place that comes with your first break is nothing more than, y’know, a shame.

Their entire musical presence is deeply rooted in this intimate, confessional vibe. Despite having played the likes of Glastonbury earlier this year, First Aid Kit return to the stage with a special UK fan show for one night only on November 1 at Shoreditch Town Hall, with a supporting act from Van William. It’s a Shame is their second release this year, following the stand-alone single You Are the Problem Here, a vengeful response to rape culture which premiered on International’s Women Day.

Tickets for First Aid Kit’s UK show at Shoreditch Town Hall go on sale Friday September 29 at 9am and can be bought here.

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