Filling the Lorde Shaped Hole in Your Heart Ahead of Her Comeback

This week saw an alleged ‘listening session’ for New Zealand crown jewel Lorde’s new work. Pop culture website Just Jared Jr. tweeted that the new music is ’top notch’, describing it as ‘v pop, v dance & v uniquely Lorde’. According Republic Playbook, her brand new single will be released on March 3rd.

The comeback will be the first music project the musician has released since her success with Yellow Flicker Beat as part of the The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1. Her debut Pure Heroine – which went 5x Platinum in New Zealand, 3x Platinum in the US and 2x Platinum in Australia and Canada – completely signposted what the next five years of music were going to sound like. The revolutionary virality of Lorde lives on and, with new music in the pipeline, we can’t help but yearn for her return.

To numb that, we’ve compiled the best tracks to listen to if you’re a fan of Lorde until she graces our charts once again.

Skott: Amelia

Somewhat medieval feeling, Skott’s Amelia is seductive, dark and oozing in shadowy synth sounds and choral twists. Her off-conventional approach to music is not so distant to Lorde entering the A-list realm as the awkward, dark teenager and it really works for them both. Skott is about to make it big, just you wait.

VÉRITÉ: Phase Me Out

Kelsey Byrne on the utility bill, New York based dreamboat of a singer/songwriter VÉRITÉ is here to represent indie-pop for the girls. Making waves in the latter half of 2016 with her super-bop rendition of the 1975’s ‘Somebody Else’, Byrne is here to stay. Not one to hold back from proving why she’s just so great, VÉRITÉ has already impressed this year with the recent release of the first insight into her new music with ‘Phase Me Out’.


Though a little obvious to include these guys, Scottish trio CHVRCHES’ Tether is a hive of pure talent hidden in the depths of the band’s debut. Lead singer Lauren Mayberry’s voice matches frizzy synths ahead of an anticipated and moody burst of sonic overwhelm that will probably make you forget Lorde was a thing in the first place.

Vaults: Hurricane

A banger in its purest form, Vaults’ Hurricane was the pre-debut album gift that reinvigorated the indie-pop scene. A sensational beat, lyrics to melt the heart and a catchiness that ensures the track always sounds new and fresh, Hurricane could cure more than just a yearning for London Grammar. You can catch our interview with the band here.

Grammar: Michigan

A closer music relation to the aforementioned CHVRCHES than Lorde, Grammar add a bouncy synth and mellower vibe to their Michigan. That in mind, her fragrant vocals and angsty lyrics make for a Lana del Rey/Lorde/CHVRCHES secret love child and we’re living for it.

LANY: yea, babe, no way

Though a bunch of guys, LANY approach music with the same teenage wasteland aesthetic that Lorde popularised with Pure Heroine. Sunset tones and fancy-able faces, this trio of all-American guys offer the perfect gender-swapped alternative to Lorde ahead of that pesky comeback. A fellow support act for the likes of Troye Sivan and Ellie Goulding, LANY are about to break the world after a successful 2016.

XYLØ: Get Closer

Independent, empowering and punching a hit just as hard as Lorde’s Yellow Flicker Beat for the Hunger Games franchise, Get Closer was the bop to end 2016 with following a successful year for the duo. The neon tinted single reiterated everything we love about XYLØ.