Filling the London Grammar Hole in Your Heart Ahead of Their Comeback

The New Year graced us in the best way possible with British three-piece London Grammar sporadically dropping the first we’ve heard from them since 2013 with ‘Rooting For You’. Nursing our hangovers, the single signposts that 2017 is their year. A lost gem in chill-out indie music, the release ignited a new found pining for the band’s return. Though the first album quenches some of our desire, we’ve picked out the songs we know you’ll love to fill the London Grammar shaped hole in your heart until the threesome drop LP2.

Come back soon, guys.

Arthur Beatrice: Every Cell

2016 saw Golden Girls dubbed band Arthur Beatrice’s Every Cell craft and release their impressive sophomore album. Every Cell articulates the direction the band are taking after an impressive two albums. The xx meets London Grammar meets Florence + the Machine, there’s something beautifully cinematic about the sound.

The xx: Say Something Loving

No doubt the most yearned for comeback so far of 2017, the xx’s latest studio album ‘I See You’ is crawling with versatility. Each track possesses an undefinable quality on equal measure to the rest of the album with far more exploration of soundscapes in a highly sophisticated LP. Confessing itself as probably the best album you’ll get this year, ‘I See You’ is a sanctuary of perfect sound and previously released ‘Say Something Loving’ serves up exactly why.

Oh Wonder: Technicolour Beat

2017 should be a big one for these two, having hinted that their second album is well in the works across Facebook Live broadcasts within the safety of their own studio. Oh Wonder are no doubt one of the most exciting sounds in British music at the moment and their return is just as imminent as London Grammar’s. Technicolour Beat, a favourite for many, balances the melancholic/chilled out sound the duo produce with a quirky, upbeat synth. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Lo Fang: You’re the one that I want

We’ve got chills, they’re multiplying and we’ve completely and utterly lost all control after listening to this ear-feast’s reimagination and reinvigoration of the Grease wonderhit. Moody electronic vibes meet angelic vocals to form Lo-Fang.The 32 year old music wonder shares the same label with the likes of Daughter, Bon Iver and Grimes and certainly boasts the same talent as them.

Daughter: Numbers

The second tease of Elena, Igor and Remi’s second album, Numbers is undoubtedly one of the best songs the trio have ever created together. Numbers marries the mundane with the majestic, and the other with the self. It plunges its hands into the mire of contemporary urban wretchedness and lifts it into a realm of orchestral, literary existentialism. Grungey guitar blends seamlessly with operatic beauty, just as Elena weaves her parochial narrative into the very fabric of time and space.

BROODS: Four Walls

No doubt one of Broods’ most stripped back tracks, Georgia Nott’s almost raspy voice married with a stripped away backing adds a whole new dimension to Broods’ emotional capacity and capabilities. Often performing the track live aided with an added strings section adds a regality to the heartbreak. It’s a soft and delicate track that melts on the tongue just as effortlessly as it will have you sobbing.

Say Lou Lou: Stayin’ Alive

Taking smooth vocals, a knack for producing one hell of a synth undertone and desire to create something upbeat but somehow heart wrenching, London Grammar and Say Lou Lou undoubtedly think along the same lines. After a flurry of noticeable tracks from their powdery dream-pop debut album, these Australian-Swedish power-sisters warranted their return with a funked up Beegees cover.

Vaults: Hurricane

A HISKIND favourite through and through, Vaults are far more than just that bad that did the John Lewis soundtrack. Hurricane parts itself as one of the most recognisably brilliant tracks from their debut album released at the end of 2016. A sensational beat, lyrics to melt the heart and a catchiness that ensures the track always sounds new and fresh, Hurricane could cure more than just a yearning for London Grammar. You can catch our interview with the band here.

Olafur Arnalds & Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir: Particles

A king in the world of modern composition, Mr Arnalds is a sensation to more than just classical music. Having directed the likes of Aquilo’s glorious Silhouettes and winning countless awards for his scoring of ITV’s Broadchurch, Arnalds marries poetry and sound. As part of his recent project, Arnalds toured his homeland of Iceland, creating music in seven different settings to champion the country and its culture. Teaming up with Of Monsters & Men singer Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir, Particles is a gem. Nothing less.

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