Fickle Friends share the tracks that inspired their debut album ‘You Are Someone Else’

Fickle Friends have just released their stellar debut album ‘You Are Someone Else’, so to celebrate its long-awaited release, frontwoman Natassja Shiner has curated this eclectic playlist of songs that inspired the record, exclusively for HISKIND. Check it out…

All Night – Chance The Rapper

“This is our ultimate party hype track and the soundtrack to every late night Über in LA.”

Pretty Young Thing – Michael Jackson

“Jack got this tattooed on his wrist when we toured for the first time. MJ is the king of our hearts.”

Ain’t It Fun – Paramore

“Such a sick track rhythmically and lyrically. “What are you gunna do when the world don’t orbit around you”. Awesome. It really helped us write ‘Swim’ and it’s on every single playlist we’ve ever made for a tour.”

Chained To The Rhythm – Katy Perry

“When this song came out we were like, oh WOAH. Politically in tune and creative… the main loop is so cool and catchy. The whole thing is kinda hypnotic and I knew the words after like 2 listens. We love KP so hard, she’s consistently making pop music cool and is a personal inspiration as a woman in a very male-dominated music industry.”

Had Enough – Lower Than Atlantis

“It has those James Bond chords, the drums are so pristine and it has all those big rock moments you crave for. The melodies are so amazing and the layered vocoder-like vocals. We use this a lot in our own music. This band is so, so underrated!”

Changes – Mutemath

“We are over-the-top mega fans of this band who absolutely lead the way in terms of progressive, ambitious pop/indie/rock music. It’s so meticulous, intelligent and amazingly crafted.”

Stay – Zedd (feat. Alessia Cara)

“We are persistently trying to emulate this dude’s production. It’s so mad and melodic. We are obsessed with modern dance music and trying to implement it into our own stuff.”

Love Me – The 1975

“I remember exactly where we were when this song premiered on Radio 1. We were playing a show in Sheffield and we ran to the van at like 9pm and listened to Hottest Record. It was the most excited I’d been hearing a song for a LONG time.”

Kiss Of Life – Friendly Fires

“Probably one of our biggest influences ever. The first band I truly truly fell head over heels in love with. I remember seeing them play at the Student Union in Southampton and I had to blag my way in because I was under 18. Ed jumped in the crowd and was dancing with everyone. We got to do a few days writing with him last year… it was pretty mental for us being the crazed fans we are.”

Night Of The Long Knives – Everything Everything

“The lyrics are so mad and unique and wonderfully confusing. The music is kinda equally mental. One of my favourite bands who can do no wrong in my eyes. I got drunk at SXSW and was so taken a-back by their set I remember actually crying (lol). They also remixed one of our songs… legends!”