EU Referendum Result: Glasto Goers React

This morning, our country decided to leave the European Union after months of campaigning for and against. No doubt, the result sent waves of shock through the younger generations this morning, with the UK deciding to leave the EU despite 75% of young people voting in favour of remaining. An official online petition has already wagered 110,000 signatures, but no doubt this would have exceeded by the time you read this.

Our Glastonbury reporter writes: “Yesterday I heard Brigid McGonville speak at Jo Cox’s memorial at Glastonbury festival. She had worked with Jo for three years with the white ribbon alliance, an organisation fighting violence to women globally. One of her moving comments have sounded repeatedly in my head in the hours since the absolutely gutting result came through. It was a call to action, the question “what are YOU going to do?” Disunity and division are the results of social and political entropy. Unity is something we have to build and, in some cases, fight for.”

So what have we done? We’ve taken to the muddy Glasto fields as the music begins, alcohol starts pouring and vegan food fills the tummies to ask the festival goers what they thought of the referendum result.

Chiara & Mansour


“Shocked at result. There are massive issues to consider, but it also affects little things. M’s from Switzerland, worried about small matters like the complications of visiting and living with C in the future. Will it affect the mood? Probably not – people aren’t here for that.”

Rosie Sam & Charlie


“The most damning statistic I read was that around 75% of the 18-25 vote was for in. It’s one generation making the decisions which will affect another …. No, we don’t know exactly what Brexit means yet. There could be many outcomes. That’s almost the worst thing. It’s the not knowing …. When I woke up I wanted to cry” they also asked “shall we look sad?” I said no – I interrupted them having a good old boogie in the sun that had just emerged and felt guilty for interrupting that. As you were.

Laura & Alex


Laura and Alex both work in aerospace defence. Many of Laura’s contracts come through the US, and the nosedive of the pound and the euro makes her nervous about business. She has worn her favourite green sparkly dress to cheer herself up and hopes it doesn’t spoil muse for her later, who she’s crazy excited for. Alex had been on the fence on how to vote for a while – the ramifications either way have been really hard to assess, plus there’s been a very convincing hard left line against the EU. Looking forward to seeing Corbyn talk later, though he imagines he will be pretty glum. Both are very shocked.



Shocked also. I found him standing alone looking up at the massive billboard mosaic of lefty political messages that marks the northern edge of the festival. He looked lost and whistful, and on approaching him that was very much his tone. We spoke about the historical legacy of the EU in a post-Word War 2 world, how we have become complacement with peace in Europe when that was something we have grafted for. He says he’s very nervous about the future.

Laura, Lottie & Toby

“We have just unfurled from our tents like insects and have no makeup on” (so no photo); HISKIND respects the wishes of those not wanting to appear looking less than gorgeous. Mwah.

Laura works in film industry, Lottie & Toby are band managers. Worried about the impact on touring & promoting bands internationally. Laura’s organisation receives funding through EU so their future is uncertain. Toby thinks the ramifications are really unknown at this stage – he’s an in voter, but is not confident he understands the issue in detail. Baffled there even was a referendum. They ask, have I met anyone here who is happy w. result? I say no – but at Glastonbury, that figures. They think the mood will be weird. They will try to forget about it until Monday.

Geraldine & Geoff


One word each – Geraldine: “Gutted” and Geoff: “Ectastic”. The house has been a tense place for his married couple. Geoff foresees that the referendum will not be over in their house.



Rosie thinks this period while still at glasto is a bit of a dream, that on Monday everyone will have to wake up to the situation. Finding out when coming back after a night out was surreal