Discover Means Happy, Gaydar’s Love Letter to the Community

GAYDAR has been defining and redefining notions of safe spaces in the community for almost 20 years now – and with their big anniversary approaching next year, are committed to extend that revolution further. With the emergence of their new digital magazine brand, Means Happy, they embark on a journey to create deeper virtual and real life connections for a brighter LGBT+ world.

Their launch at L’Escargot Soho the other week was a testament to just that, uniting three areas devoted to celebrating love, inclusion and empowerment in the community. From Miss Sink The Pink Astinna Mandella tearing the house down in the Sassy Society, to Equality Wealth Management holding talks surrounding mental health and money matters, the night set the scene for the legacy Means Happy is hoping to achieve.

“Nearly twenty years ago our founders revolutionized the way gay men meet. In doing so they created a safer environment for gay people around the world.” Rob Curtis commented. By launching Means Happy, they aim to take that conversation further, and this magazine is an active effort to adapt and react to the ever-changing needs of their followers.

Daily content covering culture, news and relationships are the focuses of Means Happy for now, with an exclusive partnership with the Equality Wealth Management company bringing money-related issues into the spotlight. With a manifesto this wide and bright, we are eager to see the direction this conversation will take, now that Means Happy has entered the game.

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