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Responses to a recent questionnaire by LGBT charity Stonewall revealed that only 21% to 30% of LGB respondents feel comfortable disclosing their sexuality in the workplace. The survey also revealed that 67% of LGB respondents felt that they are more likely to be satisfied with their sense of achievement if they are out at work, and 77% of trans respondents felt more secure at work if they could be open about their gender identity.

Given these findings, you’d think that every single employer would make LGBT inclusion a priority. Happy staff achieve more and are more productive, meaning everyone wins. Yet this isn’t the always the case. As part of their yearly spotlight on the Top 100 LGBT employers, Stonewall have published the results of their collaboration with eight organisations that have gone above and beyond to create an accepting and supportive working environment for LGBT employees.

The Stonewall Star Performers programme brings together top-performing organisations that have consistently demonstrated exemplary practice to support lesbian, gay, bi and trans staff. This year’s Star Performers have worked with Stonewall to develop best practice in the UK and beyond.

Additionally, each year the charity challenges their Star Performers to find new and innovative ways to advance LGBT equality. This year, they asked each of them to share what they have learned, in the form of a best-practice guide on a topic where they have shown significant progress.


An LGBT Inclusion Journey: Sharing effective strategies for success in India

Barclays has operations in many environments where same-sex relationships are criminalised and LGBT people are not protected from discrimination. This poses serious legal, ethical and practical challenges to Barclays, as a global employer. The expansion of the LGBT strategy into India has been core component of the company’s LGBT strategy. The journey has been thoughtfully taken one step at a time to help break down barriers, create greater understanding and broaden the concept of inclusion in a location that is central to the operations of Barclays as a global financial services provider.

View or Download the Guide here


Lead from the top: the importance of engaging senior allies

Goldman Sachs recognise that success depends on their ability to attract and retain the best talent around the world and to foster a culture where their people can reach their full potential. This guide explores how they have empowered and utilised senior leaders to create an LGBT inclusive culture within the firm. It explains the structure of their senior allies programme and provides a step by step journey to take you from identifying potential senior allies to empowering them to lead, as well as giving readers a helpful top tips sheet for allies to take away.

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Unlocking the power of employee resource groups: the role of the Spectrum network in advancing the LGBT equality agenda

The Home Office, a large employer working across all corners of the UK, has a very well-established LGBT network that has been instrumental in driving change at all levels. This guide showcases their approach and offers practical tips on how to establish, structure and recruit to a network, as well as how to measure impact and consistently adapt to changing priorities.

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Engaging the Majority to Create an LGBT Inclusive Workplace

How do you create a truly LGBT inclusive workplace? For over a decade, Accenture has been on a journey to find practical answers to this question. As one of the world’s leading consulting and technology organisations, Accenture’s employees work across a broad spectrum of clients, industries and projects. The company quickly realised that engaging only with the LGBT minority within their own walls will never be sufficient: they need to engage the majority. The document that Accenture have prepared charts their progress so far, the approaches that they have used and the things they’ve learnt.

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Leadership in trans equality

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, as a major provider of mental health, intellectual disability and community healthcare services for the people of Nottinghamshire, provides vital services to extremely diverse communities. This guide outlines their approach to embedding trans equality and inclusion in all that they do. It includes links to downloadable training for staff on trans equality as well as a useful glossary of terms. It details how working in partnership can have a hugely positive impact on equalities outcomes.

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Embedding LGBT Equality into procurement practices and supply chain management

Simmons & Simmons have a well-established programme of engagement with their supply chain and have proactively embedded LGBT equality principles into their procurement practices. This practical and instructive guide gives other businesses the tools to do the same, including sample audit questionnaires and event agendas, as well as ways to measure impact and further useful resources.

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Driving LGBT Workplace Equality Across Numerous Locations

With offices of all different sizes, it’s important for companies like EY to do their best to ensure that LGBT people in different locations feel included in the work that is being done around LGBT workplace equality. EY, as a large multinational, faces the challenge of engaging a dispersed workforce in equality initiatives, ensuring every LGBT person is supported and has an equal chance to flourish. The innovative ways EY has reached out to staff and fostered a community within their Unity LGBT network is a valuable example to others.

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Inclusivity Without the Cost

Gentoo has been working with Stonewall to improve Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender inclusivity since 2006. As one of the largest employers in Sunderland and landlords in the North East, Gentoo recognise the opportunity they have to advance equality and inclusion across the region. They are an example of an organisation who have found creative ways to have a big impact and are a valuable example to others.

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To learn more about Stonewall’s Star Performers Program or Top 100 Employers list please visit their website.

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