Cub Sport’s Tim Nelson Pens Letter On The Creative Impact Of Coming Out

Coming out marks a pinnacle moment in the lives for many of the LGBTQ+ community. When Tim Nelson, one fourth of Australian dream-pop group Cub Sport, announced his relationship with fellow band member Sam Netterfield, the freedom unlocked a whole new wave of creativity that would ultimately shape and inspire the band’s second full-length record BATS.

The video for their breezy, gospel-tinted single O Lord made its rounds of social media last month for its vibrant, emotional depiction of the relationship between Nelson and Netterfield. The frankly beautiful clip honours queer love and the power of acceptance as the (recently engaged) duo embrace across four minutes of pastel filters and stunning makeup.

Exclusively for HISKIND, vocalist Tim Nelson pens a letter on the impact that coming out has on creativity and the liberation of queer love. Take a read of Nelson’s letter below and check out the video for O Lord straight after:

Before coming out, I don’t think I had fully considered the impact that that personal freedom could have on my creativity.

I grew up as a conflicted, confused gay guy in a religious school. Homophobia was drummed into me and it took over a decade for me to truly shake that shame and allow my life/writing to be an unhindered, true reflection of who I am.

I came out part way through the creation of our second album BATS.

We had been on tour for a couple of months in the UK, Europe and the US. I’d realised I was in love with my best friend/band mate Sam about a year prior while I was away on a writing trip and it had been burning away at me ever since.

The extended time away on tour made it very clear to both of us that our relationship was much more than the best friendship it had been for years. The tour wrapped up in Vancouver on Canada Day and after a long day of celebrations, we finally told each other how we felt. When we flew home to Australia a couple of days later, we came out to our families and friends without hesitation. They were all very accepting and supportive.

I suddenly felt so free, both personally and creatively. I was writing with a new honesty, which was terrifying at times but left me feeling liberated and inspired. BATS maps out my personal journey from being in denial, to realising I was in love with Sam, to the moment we told each other how we felt through to coming out and experiencing that kind of love for the first time.

It feels amazing to have made this album straight from the heart, unguarded and unashamed and I can’t wait to share it with the world.

Cub Sport’s latest record BATS is out 22 Sept. O Lord is out now.

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