In Conversation With Evah Destruction

Introducing Evah Destruction, the Atlanta based drag performer making waves across an International fanbase. Widely dubbed as “non-Rupaul’s Drag Race fav”, Evah shot to internet stardom with her rendition of The Laughing Track (don’t worry, we’ve put in a link below so you don’t miss a second of this queen’s talent) and is a queen of not only femininity, but complete drag, clown gender fuckery. Chances are, if you’re British like us, you’re probably jealous you can’t pop on down to a club she’s at. We expect huge things from Miss Destruction over the coming years and had to sit down to get to know the queen some more. From being trapped on a dessert island with Trixie Mattel to her drag pet peeves, ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Evah Destruction.

So tell us a bit about who Evah Destruction is?

Evah is an insane multi faceted actress, she loves the drama, and the comedic elements that come with drag. She’s like that one chick who goes to audition for a musical and even showed up in the character’s costume because she wants that part so bad it hurts!

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Where can we find you?

In the wonderful city of Atlanta, GA here in the USA or even online! I made sure to claim my Username on all social media platforms before I had to become EvahDestruction1237352 somewhere haha

And the name came from?

A friend of mine named me, it was a pretty quick process really. I was getting ready for my first performance, and she had thrown the name Eva Destruction at me. It stood out and I loved it! HOWEVER just to spice things up I decided to go against the grain and added that H at the end. I’m the Evah (pronounced Eee-vah) with an h

Your drag knows no boundaries. The term “clown queen” has been thrown around when it comes down to Rupaul alumni Bianca del Rio and Thorgy Thor, but you completely redefine that. Tell us a bit about your style of drag: what inspires your looks, performances and general aesthetic?

You know, it’s 2000-whatever now right? So drag has evolved so much. I had to step back and look at my surroundings to decide where I wanted to take my drag. Growing up in the drag scene in Atlanta you’re surrounded by glamour, and top 40 hits, and expectations. I think the first thing I wanted to do was break free from that perpetuation, not that it’s a bad thing, just wasn’t my thing.

“As far as the clown bit is concerned: it was the butterfly out of the cocoon moment for me. It taught me to do drag for myself and no one else.”

So I went from that point forward to not put myself into just one specific themed box. Plus with all the stuff that I do it always come with a new character to play. It literally takes me forever to decide what music I’m going to perform before every show, because that’s the process of thinking: well what is this person going to wear, what’s she going to do at this part of the song, or will the audience respond to that? It’s such a wild ride, but I do it because I love drag, and I love to entertain. This is was drag is for me.

How did you get into drag and the drag community?

I saw my first drag show when I turned 18, it was like a light switch went off in my head. I thought to myself, this is like theater, you could do this! So I went to more shows and it wasn’t until a year later January 24th 2011 that Evah was born. I went out and did a number for this talent contest going on at a local bar. From that point forward I was hooked.

You’ve got quite the international fanbase and widely regarded as the “non-Rupaul girl favourite”, what do you think it is about your drag that has people gagging?

You know, I’m not entirely quite sure. I put myself on the internet with my persona not expecting any of the response I’ve gotten! The laughing track performance definitely helped me out getting my name out there I think, but I didn’t wanna just rely on that alone. This business is so fast paced, and so is the audience’s interest, so you gotta keep up! I don’t enjoy talking about myself because I don’t see myself as that “GRAND” kind of person, but I just perform how I’ve always wanted to and I see if it works or not. You don’t get laughs on one number, well you just put it to the side for later see if you can fix it and try it again another day. When they live, and they want more then by gum I give them more!

I’ve watched a few of your performances online and I’m so impressed. Everything from your mix creation, characterisation and connection with the audience no doubt cements you as one of Atlanta’s best.

How sweet of you to say that thank you!

What are your drag pet peeves?

Lazy half assed drag queens who expect reward for putting in the littlest amount of effort in their performance or even their look. Oh and queens who don’t know their words to the song they’re performing.

What are your makeup must haves?

NYX cosmetic’s Big Fat Marker eyeliner pen. It’s the best eyeliner. It looks like your using a literal sharpie marker on you eye, and I love the way it goes on (and comes off afterwards). Also Jeffree Star’s velour liquid lipsticks. So good for a quick gorgeous lip to throw on, and they dry so quick so you don’t have to worry about getting lipstick in your shaggy hair like I used to HAH.

What’s been the highlight of your drag career so far?

Going to Dragcon!! Oh goodness, how crazy that was. Seeing all the people you usually see behind a TV or computer screen right in front of you! Also getting to meet a handful of my supporters and getting to hang out with all of them. It was a blast, not to mention a great marketing opportunity *wink*

Finally, if you were trapped on a desert island with three other queens, who would they be and why?

1. Jaye Lish from Atlanta who performs with me every Friday. That lady knows how to do all sorts of handy stuff! Plus she knows her plants/gardening. She’d be useful to have with me

2. Trixie Mattel, because you’d need that sarcastic humor. Laughter is the best medicine no lie.

3. My drag mother Genre because not only is she family, but she’s also really handy at crafting stuff together.