Connor Franta, SZA, Miles Heizer Redefine The Rules in GAP’s ‘Logo Remix’ Campaign

When you think about Gap, you think about the defining style staples of the all-American casual style. But you also think about that dark blue backdrop and those inimitable white letters that have become synonymous with one of the most iconic American brands of the last five decades. The logo has provided a fixed coordinate, a unit of measurement of Gap’s constant cultural-relevance for almost 50 years now and we think that warrants celebration. To mark the occasion, Gap have announced the launch of Gap Logo Remix, a limited-edition collection of apparel for men and women that reworks the logo, evoking its evolution throughout the decades through the brand’s signature styles.

The announcement comes in the shape of a film with pop culture’s most original remixers, brought together to evoke the spirit of the Gap ads throughout the ages whilst giving it their very own modern twist. Having previously lent her vision to the likes of Florence and the Machine and Haim, director Tabitha Denholm helms the project, alongside movement director Tanisha Scott, whose credits include Beyoncé, Drake or Rihanna, who choreographed some remixes of timeless group dances.

The cast of the project includes members from all industries, be it music, acting or activism, in a celebration of individuality across all areas of creative culture. The accent is placed on self-expression and the many forms that can take. Whether we’re talking about SZA and her strong assertion of modern femininity through her very original take on the R&B genre, Miles Heizer, an active challenger of portrayals sexuality and mental health through the roles he chooses or Connor Franta, redefining fame through his digital presence, all names attached to the campaign are at the front of the cultural moment happening now, redefining creativity through their own lenses. Other stars featured include the unmistakable Metro Boomin, who also remixed the track of the video, The Florida Project’s Bria Vinaite, Instagram star turned actress, Maya Jama, the TV presenter tackling mental health heads-on through personal experience and Naomi Wantanabe, who is devoted to taking apart assumptions around body image in Japan.

‘We wanted to anniversary the ’90s Archive Reissue’ from last year and take the opportunity to celebrate this Logo Remix collection by looking forward at the talent who are reshaping and remixing culture in their own way” said Craig Brommers, chief marketing officer for Gap.

Watch the full video below:

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