Charli’s Angels: A Look at the All-Star Collaborators on Number 1 Angel

Charli XCX is no stranger to collaboration. Besides the obvious standouts (I Love It, Fancy), her work with other artists includes tracks with Danny Brown and Giorgio Moroder alongside songwriting appearances on Selena Gomez, MØ and Blondie tracks. Following on from After The Afterparty and 2016’s Vroom Vroom release from her own label, XCX has turned her attention to roping in pop’s best for her own work, resulting in a new ten-track, loud and proud mixtape.

In lieu of a third studio album, XCX has finally dropped her much-touted Number 1 Angel, having teamed up with several ingenious artists for a glitter-loaded, champagne party. Here, we take a look at the list of collaborators, production talents and songwriter credits on the mixtape, the pop scene and beyond…

The (very good) Number 1 Angel is available to stream now. Charli’s as yet untitled third album will hopefully arrive sometime this year via Atlantic Records.


UFFIE! The French-American rapper has achieved something of an almost mythological reputation from online music communities in the past few years, mostly owing to the fact that her (amazing) single Pop The Glock is now rightly regarded as a classic. Charli XCX clearly also thinks this and gives Uffie a notable feature on the slick Babygirl which is an amazing song, but we’re more excited about Uffie being featured on anything in 2017 and long may it continue.


Speaking of figures who have earned a mythological status among the online music community (i.e. A gay with a twitter account and a Spotify subscription) there is no figure more batshit crazy or polarising than CupcakKe. Is she having a laugh? Is he being serious? Is she actually shit or is she also a bit of a genius? On her collaboration with Charli, we’re definitely going to settle for the latter. Closing track Lipgloss is insane and CupcakKe’s blistering feature is a true highlight.


Abra is an Atlantic-based R&B singer whose had the ‘next big thing’ label swirling above her head for a good year now but with no significant breakout moment to her name yet. This could well be superseded here with her feature on Drugs.

A woman who really needs no introduction. Danish superstar MØ features on highlight 3am (Pull Up), bringing a distinctly melancholic tone to proceedings on the tracks middle eight.

Starrah and RAYE

Opening the mixtape with a double feature on the slick Dreamer, Charli invited American rapper-producer Starrah (whose composed the beats of Rihanna’s Needed Me) and British singer-songwriter RAYE (whose had a sterling year so far, co-writing no less than 5 UK Top 40 entities including her own top 3 hit with Jax Jones) for an instant injection of swagger and girl power.

A. G. Cook and SOPHIE

No strangers to working with the XCX, both producers have been tied to Charli’s work since the second record Sucker. PC Music figurehead is on co-write credits for the fantastic Vroom Vroom EP for last, a majority of which SOPHIE produced. Charli’s connection to the infamous label-cum-collective has only strengthened with her live slots at the PC Music showcase gigs with both producers responsible for a large chunk of Number 1 Angel.

Noonie Boa

Noonie Bao still finds herself a fairly unknown entity within pop. Whilst her solo stuff is still shining Scandi pop, it’s her songwriting talents for pop’s latest and greatest that has sent her name rippling across the music industry. Co-write for Blame It On You here, Bao’s responsible for half of Sucker, Vroom Vroom and Carly Rae Jepsen’s Run Away With Me (!!!) and MØ’s recent singles. She’s also the vocals on that Avicii hit I Could Be The One

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