Betty Who Breaks Down Her ‘Ignore Me’ Video Just For Us

Us HISKIND lot are big Betty Who lovers. Thanks to her captivating and ballsy take on electropop, the two full-length records (2014’s Take Me When You Go and last year’s The Valley) released by the Sydney-native artist are prime examples of how pop music ought to be done and just how great it can be.

Latest single, Ignore Me, signals her first independent release since 2013’s The Movement EP and paves the way for a future on her terms, by her rules. The extremely aesthetically-pleasing one-shot video is out now for the whole world to enjoy, with Betty breaking down her favourite shots from the clip exclusively for us below.

Revisit the time we took Betty Who record shopping in Notting Hill right here. Ignore Me is out now.

Betty: “I wanted to recreate the album art in some way, so we had to tackle the surprisingly inconvenient task of getting a turtleneck that I could dance in but that would fit over my face. Much harder than you would think!”

“Dancing with a partner was sort of new for me in this video – on tour it’s always me and two boys so this new challenge was really fun for me. Having someone to play off made the stress of filming a one-shot much more bearable.”

“Navid was such a great partner – there was this immediate chemistry we found and I think the video would have been totally different had we used somebody else.”

“I wanted to finish the video solo, dancing in a world of colour to represent the joy I found in myself that used to be rooted in other relationships. The whole video was very symbolic for me, representing my journey of learning so much about myself in the last few years.”

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