Behind The Scenes of Brendan Maclean’s House of Air

Had anyone suggested that one of 2017’s first viral phenomenons would consist of a music video billing itself as “an anthropological study of gay semiotics, taxonomies, and sexual behaviours,” exploring handkerchief codes of the 70s in an overtly NSFW fashion and thus being pulled from YouTube amid death threats and online protest, it’s likely we’d have doubted you.

Lo and behold, Brendan Maclean’s House Of Air clip has managed to find itself at the centre of a heated ‘art vs pornography’ debate surrounding queer art and the general reaction to the video. We take a (SFW) behind the scenes look at the video, shot by Chris Parkes and featuring Harry Clayton-Wright, JD Dean, Drew Kingston, Brendan Maclean, Ashley Ryder and Rowland.

The (NSFW) video can be found right here.

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