Amongst the Ranks of the Women’s March London

5 million people, 7 continents, 81 countries, 673 marches, 1 agenda: captured by Hayley Ballard.

An estimated 100,000 activists took to the big smoke’s streets as part of Women’s March on London on 21st January in solidarity with similar demonstrations taking place in Washington DC. Marches popped up around the globe, from Antartica to New York, Miami to Nairobi, all in protest of both the rise of outward hate and misogyny towards women and the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump.

The gatherings were not only a celebration of how far women’s rights have come, but a gritty acknowledgment of how much hate there still is to fight. London’s streets doused themselves with banners of Princess Leia slotting alongside colourful tributes to Jo Cox. Pride flags blurred themselves amongst wit, anger, empowerment and, above all, hope for change. Banners quickly became memes of defiance and sass online, with RuPaul’s Drag Race quotes etched onto banners marching in solidarity with “I am the woman who built Trump Tower”s and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Rights”.

Intersectionality was key in what became the largest protest in US history. This was for black women, white women, queer women, intersex women, trans women, immigrant women, refugee women, disabled women, muslim women, atheist women, older women, hispanic women, working class women, sex-workers, office workers, rape survivors, domestic abuse survivors, mental health survivors, women of neither here nor there, of the NHS, of the church, synagogue, temple or anywhere they felt afraid to be a woman.

March on.

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