Absolut’s Silent Statement about Equality Speaks Volumes

A never-ending kiss exchanged through the night is the unifier transcending sexual, racial, professional and gendered borders in Absolut’s short film appropriately titled ‘Equal Love’. The kisses shared through the night echo the bigger statement of ‘Create a Better Tomorrow, Tonight’ resounding through the night through its defiance of any confining social conventions. The choreographed kiss punctures all types of diversity, soundtracked by The Crystals’ There’s No Other (Like My Baby) as it traverses from a pool club to a police car and beyond as the softly lit aesthetic allows identities to blend into each other.

The film continues a long tradition of pushing boundaries that the brand has championed throughout the years, with names like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Tom Ford lending their vision to Absolut’s revolutionary campaigns. Celebrated Northern Irish director Aoife McArdle helmed the project, incorporating Absolut’s values on a casting level, bringing on board both professional actors and new faces spotted through street casting.

The online release kicks off a series of events Absolut has planned to promote diversity and self-expression, from collaborations with Stonewall to the rebranding of their famous bottle to adorn the Pride flag. A historical advocate for progression and acceptance, the brand’s groundbreaking support of LGBTQ rights culminates in this bold and provocative visual testament. As Gala Gilardini, Absolut Global Communications Director states: ‘Equal Love” continues this legacy by showcasing the kiss as a universal symbol for acceptance and love”. Watch the film at: YouTube.com/Absolut.

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