Absolut Team Up With Resident Advisor to Bring a New Perspective on Nightlife’s Biggest Names

Exploring and celebrating the multiple facets of nightlife in and across the UK, Absolut have collaborated with Resident Advisor to create a new kind of nightlife you didn’t know you needed, until now.

The four renowned DJs involved – Marcel Dettmann, Kink, Derrick May and Nicolas Lutz – will host an evening each to allow them to play with their deepest musical desires, playing alternative sets of music that they have a secret passion for. Held across four consecutive Thursday nights, Alternate Cuts offers the night as a blank canvas to clubbers, free from expectation or regulation, and will encourage party go-ers to experience music in a completely different light.

In a bid to ensure nightlife isn’t completely London-centric, each of the nights will be held in a different nightlife hotspot across the UK. Between Leeds, Liverpool, London and Manchester, the four events will encourage clubbers to experience music in a totally different light. Both brands have worked with talented tech creatives Black Box Echo to produce a bespoke lighting installation inspired by the new Absolut Facet bottle.

Alternate Cuts comes following Absolut’s cultural investment into the nightlife scene in recent years, previously hosting Absolut Electrik as a hyper sensory, mixed reality exploration into the future of nightlife.

Adam Boita, head of marketing at Pernod Ricard UK, explains that Resident Advisory play “an indispensable role in supporting the electronic music industry worldwide.”

“With the Alternate Cuts series, we want to inspire people to challenge the exclusivity of nightlife by embracing new connections, celebrating spontaneity and seeing that the best nights happen out of the blue.”

The nights are as follows:

Marcel Dettmann in Leeds: Thursday 23rd March, Wire Club
Kink in Liverpool: Thursday 20th March, Buyers Club
Derrick May in Manchester: Thursday 6th April, Soup Kitchen
Nicolas Lutz in London: Thursday 13th April, Pickle Factory

The project have released a little teaser video of what to expect from the series. Tickets for each party cost £5 and can be RSVP’d here.

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