HISKIND is a new lifestyle magazine for gay men, the LGBT+ community and our allies that empowers and engages readers through interaction with the latest culture, music and fashion.

We want to start a different kind of conversation. In a world of white noise, HISKIND engages in authentic, honest and meaningful discussion based on a shared appreciation of thought-provoking words and beautiful imagery. We began online and people instantly responded to what we were doing, and following demand and interest we have launched a quarterly print magazine with international distribution.

Our print magazine delivers provocative, informative and inspiring content that gets our readers talking, whether that’s about popular-culture or the political and social environment. As well as this, we want to showcase the best music, the latest releases and things to do or buy, the best places to eat, stay and play.

We want to reinvest in the creative scene, make queer culture accessible to a wider audience and provide a fresh approach to gay media.

We’re so excited for you to join us on this journey!