A R I Z O N A Honour LGBT+ Fans in Electric Touch Video

Here at HISKIND, we’re a sucker for music videos that pack that emotional punch. Even more so if it’s LGBTQ+ centred (which reminds us that we’re over-due a watch of the Troye Sivan Heaven clip again.)

New-Jersey’s dream-pop A R I Z O N A may have released one of our favourites yet and we’re sure it’s going to hit you right in the feels too. Dropping today, their new single Electric Touch comes accompanied with a video dedicated to two of their fans after one wrote to the band explaining how the trio’s music was a key element to her relationship with her girlfriend, requesting a simple shout out on stage.

Taking it a slight step further, Electric Touch‘s accompanying clip is dedicated to both Hailee and Carly, explaining their story in full emotional glory. The young gay couple both star in the video, featuring both cuts of the live show and the story of the relationship.

Hailee Ritcey, who originally penned the letter, has since taken to social media to officially come out and explain Electric Touch. Have a read of below:

“For a long time this day has filled me with so much fear and anxiety. I’ve never been really sure what I would say, why I felt like I needed to post, or why it even mattered at all. It’s taken me a long time to come to this level of confidence with myself and with my relationship. I have been so lucky to have wonderful family and friends that have really helped me to this point. And I’ve realized the people that truly love and care about you always will, regardless. So a few months ago Carly and I took a trip to Seattle to see one of our favorite bands. Because their music means so much to us I decided to reach out to them. I knew it was a long shot to even get a response but then they took it one step further. They asked us to tell our story through their music. So this is my girlfriend. And this is A R I Z O N A. Thank you A R I Z O N A for creating this incredible opportunity for us and thank you for your music. So much love!”

Alongside the video release, A R I Z O N A have unveiled the announcement of their debut record Gallery, following a massive 200 million Spotify streams on their material to date. The album drops 19 May via Atlantic Records.

Take a look at the video below (though you made need the odd tissue.)

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