A Petition Has Been Launched to Get Bowie a Plaque in Brixton

One year after the death of music icon David Bowie, Ziggy fan Mike Dawe has launched an online petition, calling for the musician to get a English Heritage Blue Plaque dedicated to him in Brixton. But there’s a twist. The proposed tribute will align itself with the hugely recognised blue plaque branding, but dub itself with the iconic Aladdin Sane lightning bolt so often associated with Bowie imagery.

The petition calls for English Heritage’s rule that 20 years must have passed since the death of said public figure before a plaque is introduced to be overlooked for Bowie (and other sociocultural icons and public figures) so more people can visit the place where he grew up in Brixton and celebrate his life.

English Heritage plaques dot themselves on locations that celebrate “the links between notable figures of the past and the buildings in which they lived and worked”.

“David was not only one of the most influential artists of his generation, but also mine, and the one after me, and no doubt the one after them. Not just in music, but in all forms of creativity,” Mike tells HISKIND. “The messages of support I receive from emotional and passionate fans are incredibly motivating, and rightly so, after all, it is David Bowie.”

The petition is only at 500 signatures so far and can be signed here.

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