7 Films to be Excited About This Year

Although 2016 definitely did not disappoint in terms of cinematic releases, 2017 announces to be even more memorable in this respect. For all those looking to move beyond celebrating Moonlight’s recent win (or shutout the memory of controversial victors such as Casey Affleck), there are plenty of things coming our way this year that promise to get you excited. From cult prequels and sequels to releases from household names like Yorgos Lanthimos, Terrence Malick and Sofia Coppola, we suggest you mark your calendars with these dates.

Alien: Covenant, 19 May

Succeeding Prometheus (2012), Covenant joins the Alien prequel series helmed by Ridley Scott. With the buzz being limited to a series of cryptic messages and few production stills, the film promises to tie the loose ends of its predecessor. The installment promises to be more horror-oriented and have crowd-favourites Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace reprise their roles, as the colony ship kicks off the summer 2017 blockbuster season.

Blade Runner 2049, 6 October

A sequel long in the talks, Blade Runner 2049 is finally hitting the screens this year. Fresh off the awards-circuit, Denis Villeneuve is steering this installment, with Ridley Scott remaining involved as producer. The teasers demonstrate the Canadian director’s slick style aligns perfectly with the neo-noir undertones of the project, Harrison Ford, reprising his role as Rick Deckard, being faced with his younger counterpart total babe Ryan Gosling. Is it October yet?

Song to Song, 17 March

And if you need even more Fassbender and Gosling in your life, watch them ‘roll and tumble’ in Terrence Malick’s new project. Fueled by the Austin music scene, Song to Song combines obsession and betrayal with the romantic entanglements of the all-star cast. Musical guests such as Patti Smith, Florence Welch or Red Hot Chili Peppers accompany Malick’s cinematic poetry and if this doesn’t have you convinced, the trailer below will.

The Beguiled, 23 June

Sofia Coppola returns behind the camera with this star-studded Southern Gothic, a remake of the 1971 Don Siegel film, which projects the sexually repressed behavior of an all-girl school onto the figure of a wounded soldier from the Civil War. The conflicts that arise from this encounter find new life under Coppola’s guidance, where the dynamics of the original are potentially twisted into a new direction of a female-powered resolution.


An unlikely love story, Wim Wenders’ latest directorial effort brings together Alicia Vikander and James McAvoy in dangerous situations miles away, their main form of endurance, while held in captivity by the jihadist fighters and searching the ocean depths respectively, being memories of their times together.

Trailer yet to be released.

Dunkirk, 21 July

Christopher Nolan’s long-awaited return materializes in the form of Dunkirk, an epic story of war depicting the Allied evacuation from Dunkirk, France, during the Second World War. An authentic account of blood and tears, Nolan brings together Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, and, weirdly enough, Harry Styles’ big screen debut. The beautifully brutal teasers have been surfacing and all we can say is that July looks good.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, 15 Dec

Last but not least, Episode VIII hits the screens at the end of this year, expanding on the conclusion of The Force Awakens. Rian Johnson is directing Rey, Finn and Poe’s adventures through the galaxy, accompanied by Luke Skywalker as the film’s ‘emotional entry point’, as well as the late Carrie Fisher’s final scenes. Anticipation is kept in check by all sorts of cryptic messages about plot and character involvement, but new and old adepts of the Force can guarantee that it will be one of the biggest cinematic moments of the year.

And, as you probably already know, we have yet to freak out over the trailer for this one.

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