6 of the Best Vinyl Subscription Services

Vinyl records will always be cool. But finding the right record – that’s the challenge. Thankfully, there’s a bunch of new subscription services to help build your collection.

Based on a monthly payment and delivery, each of these subscription services offers something unique, without reducing the sentiment of record buying. We’ve selected our six favourite record subscription services, each with their own spin that keep the tables turning.

Vinyl Me, Please

Labelled simply as “the best damn record club”, Vinyl Me, Please boasts an exclusive LP delivered each month accompanied by a 12×12” album-inspired art print and (most importantly) a paired cocktail recipe. Nao, Låpsley and Glass Animals are all recent names to get the Vinyl Me, Please makeover.


Submit a list of your favourite artists, a team of curators put their brains to work and VNYL send you three ace records a month suited to your taste. A simply concept perfect for anyone open to discovering new music.

Rise Record Club

Bristol’s Rise Record Club offers the delivery of their Album of the Month, accompanied by an exclusive pressing of a bonus single by the same artist. No worries if you’re not too keen on what you’ve got – they’ll happily do a swap for something more catered to your taste.

Flying Vinyl

Five 7” 2-track singles, one coloured, from five different new artists delivered with an accompanying collectors box and merchandise such as lyrics sheets and exclusive art prints. All that for £20 per month, delivered straight to your door. Certainly the “intimate, personal experience that digital music cannot satisfy” that’s offered.

Wax & Stamp

Two records per month, one selected by the site themselves, the other by a guest-selector. The overall aim is to provide their subscribers with 24 of the year’s strongest records. They “shy away from the mainstream” and you don’t find out what the LPS are till they’ve been sent out for that extra element of surprise.

Trax & Wax

Focusing primarily on the best in dance music, Trax & Wax offers a variety of boxes to select, from disco to deep house to techno. Subscriptions vary from two to four records a month with the option to switch boxes month on month. Arguably the broadest choices in dance vinyl services out there.

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