5 Watch Brands to Watch

When it comes to dressing in style, the devil is in the details. You’ve got no chance of taking over the world without a watch, so here’s our rundown of the five watch brands to know.


Swedish designer South Lane creates watches, sneakers and leather accessories that have an understated yet striking aesthetic. Originally inspired by architectural trends in the Södermalm district of Stockholm, South Lane uses daring touches of creative flair to experiment with texture, providing a fresh take on Scandinavian simplicity.


Founded in 2010 by Swedish designer Alexis Holm, Squarestreet merges contemporary design materials with traditional wristwatch aesthetics. Squarestreet watches are made from meticulously selected materials and carry the distinctive Scandinavian sharpness that occurs when functionality meets simplicity. This collection of watches are ideal for meeting the demands of a fast-paced modern lifestyle.


Although it may seem cliché, Daniel Wellington watches really are suitable for every occasion. Regardless if you are attending a black tie event, going to the gym or enjoying a (very rare) sunny day at the beach – a Daniel Wellington is a beautiful companion. Each watch is designed and developed so that they go perfectly with the thin NATO (above middle) and leather straps (above left and right) that you can order them with. All of the straps are interchangeable, you can have a different watch for every day of the week.


TID is a Stockholm-based watch brand founded in 2012 by Ola E. Bernestål, Petrus Palmér and design studio Form Us With Love. TID is the Swedish word for ‘time’ and accordingly the brand strives to offer iconic products with genuine value over time. With a limited range of unique pieces, TID produce striking products to wear everyday.


Last but certainly not least is Larsson & Jennings, a watch brand so iconic that they rarely require an introduction. Born of two cities, Stockholm and London, the brand marries a British aesthetic with minimal Swedish design. Creating contemporary timepieces for the style-savvy people of the world, Larsson & Jennings watches utilise the finest materials available, from Italian leather to Swiss-made mechanics. With a mixture of leather and metal straps in contemporary and traditional designs, Larsson & Jennings have something for everyone.

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