5 Records From Incredible Women Still To Come In 2017

Q4 is an exciting time for music. It’s the end of the year, Christmas is coming and our aunties need something to play whilst they prepare their apple crumble. We want to shed some light on some exciting women in the music industry right now and showcase their upcoming releases we should all be getting on the bandwagon for this autumn and winter.

Kelela: Take Me Apart (6 October)

Following her Hallucinogen EP from 2015, Kelela is ready to show us her debut with Take Me Apart this October. In a fan message Kelela writes, “I battled so much (mainly myself) during the making of this album, so I’m reaching out to thank you all for continuing to listen.” Kelela’s latest single LMK is an electric single with a stunning video which encompasses everything Kelela is about and if her album continues to showcase her strengths, she will no doubt become a strong contender for multiple best album lists.

St. Vincent: MASSEDUCTION (13 October)

Queer artist St. Vincent is preparing herself for a release of her new record, MASSEDUCTION. Her latest promotional singles, Los Angless and New York, see St. Vincent continue her love for electro-pop in an exciting and dance-worthy way. She describes the album as one which is “all about sex and drugs and sadness” and she wants you to pronounce the album as Mass Seduction. We can tell St. Vincent wants us as listeners to enjoy this record for what is and we are excited to see her discography expand and dance along.

Jessie Ware: Glasshouse (20 October)

After some time out of you know, being pregnant, giving birth and raising your own flesh and blood. Jessie Ware is coming back to the music industry with her third album, titled Glasshouse. Her past two albums have been emotional and captivating stories that speak of her heartbreak, new found love and dancing. What makes Jessie so appealing is her ability to create songs that entrance us into a melody which is at times offbeat and unsettling but she produces a world where it makes sense. Promotional singles such as Midnight and Selfish Love prove Ware has not lost her ability to write a good song de-spite admitting her anxieties of doing so now being a mother.

After attending one of her four comeback London gigs at Islington Assembly Hall, our opinion of Ware not only maintained itself at the high standard she previously set herself, but exceeded it. Dressing the stage in plants, Ware sang a collection of new songs as well as her previously released material. It was thrilling to see her excited to be back and ready to tour her music. We can expect a strong release from Ware with her third installment and personal tracks like Sam will prove Wares ability to sing of her domestic life and let it also be exciting and moving.

Loreen: TBA (17 November)

After Loreen’s stint on Eurovision in 2012 and becoming world-known for her club banger Euphoria, Loreen has managed to maintain a low profile with a trickle of singles and promotional tracks over the past few years, her latest attempt at Melodifestivalen sadly fell short which in some ways may be a blessing. Her EP Nude, released last month, shows a side to Loreen we haven’t been exposed to before. She parted ways with her last major label, she feels freedom within her creativity and she is ready to launch her new campaign for her sophomore album. Loreen is a vocal powerhouse, you only have to revisit tracks such as Statements, If She’s The One and I’m In It With You to understand. With her upcoming release of 71 Charger due this Friday, we can expect to see an authentic Loreen and we can only hope she takes this music and tours the world with it.

Björk: Utopia (November)

Björk’s tendency to create experimental electronic music continues with her upcoming release Utopia. Sticking with musician Arca who co-produced her last LP, Björk is continuing her exploration with sound in an exciting way. She states that the relationship she has with Arca is the “strongest musical relationship I’ve ever had” and this is proved in her latest single release The Gate. With this new release focusing on rediscovering love, we can expect Björk to take us a journey we never knew we needed to go until she takes us there.

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