5 Fitness Instagrammers That Are Actually Helpful

The Instagram world is full of fitness bloggers and influencers that have racked up thousands upon thousands of followers based on a very similar formula. Topless gym selfies, food posts, Monday motivation messages, more topless gym selfies, and the occasional winking boomerang story.

But there’s more to being a fitness influencer than just showing us how fit you are. And while we appreciate the topless pics, how helpful is it for aspiring gym goers to follow these fitties? So here are few guys that are worth your time if you genuinely want to get in shape, and not just ogle hot guys:

Joe Wicks: 1.9m followers

Great for Instagram Live workouts. If you’re even remotely interested in fitness then you’ll have heard of Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach. With 1.2 million followers on Instagram, Joe has quickly become the approachable face of fitness. Founder of the Lean in 15 program, Joe has appeared on national television numerous times, championing accessible fitness routines and easy, healthy cooking, all in his distinctly charming Essex accent.

Joe posts regular success stories, with before and after photos that will make you jealous/motivated to get in shape. He also posts plenty of short instavids that consists of him throwing food in a pan and shouting at you at how easy it is to cook healthy meals. The real treats are his regular Instagram Live sessions, where you can workout with him in real time and ask him questions about your training or eating habits. (And yes, he does usually workout with his top off).

Bradley Simmonds: 205k followers

Great quality videos for workout inspiration. Another fitness trainer that looks wonderful with his top off, Bradley is still sure to post regularly and not just images of himself taken in a gym bathroom mirror. With 205,000 followers, the boy is definitely doing something right. While his photos look amazing, the main benefit of following his account are his Instagram videos. He often posts instructional videos with a breakdown of the workout and suggestions of how to advance when you’re ready.

Alex Crockford: 125k followers

Regular Instagram stories that will keep you constantly motivated. Personal trainer turned fitness model has chalked up some 125,000 followers on Instagram, and while a lot of that has to do with the fact that he almost never wears a shirt, he manages to put a lot of value into his posts. His CrockFit program is a popular product for fans to purchase and follow, but his biggest edge is his Instagram stories. Crockford doesn’t go a day without posting several messages on his stories feed, many of which are workouts or summaries of what he’s doing that day to maintain his chiselled physique.

Scott Herman: 89k followers

Top quality YouTube channel. I’ve been a Scott Herman subscriber since before Instagram was a thing. He’s been producing excellent YouTube tutorials and workouts since 2012! And while his Instagram has gone the way of many influential influencers – with posts mainly consisting of him flexing and going shopping – he still posts regularly on YouTube. He uploads Instagram stories to let you know there’s a new video, which are ideal if you want to take longer to learn really good technique and improve your performance in the gym in the long run.

Doug Harrison: 3.4k followers

Everyday physio advice. This one’s a little different as you’ll quickly see, Doug tends to wear a t-shirt while training. What’s that about?! Where this crossfit competitor and personal trainer stands out is his background in physiotherapy. The videos may just be shot on his phone, but there’s still a wealth of knowledge and information to be found in terms of recovery exercises, stretches and flexibility, and conditioning moves that can help you both prevent and recover from injury.

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