10 Scandinavian Artists To Keep On Your Radar in 2018

As we get closer and closer to Christmas, everything’s starting to feel very wintery and cozy. And you’re probably starting to dread the hours of small talk with distant, conservative family members. So to distract you from that horrendous prospect, why not get to know some of the best new artists coming from Scandinavia, given they evidently know how to make music best.

We’ve compiled this list of 10 superstars-to-be in the hope that some (or all) will become your new fav.


This Norwegian star has truly taken 2017 by storm with the release of her debut EP Don’t Kill My Vibe. Her lyrics are fully loaded with equal parts emotion and sass and she’s an electric live performer with a stunning voice. She’s just been nominated for the BBC Sound of 2018 poll and following the recent release of her latest single Strangers, she’s gearing up for the release of her debut album next year and is embarking on a UK tour in March.

Off Bloom

Part of the growing scene of amazing music that’s coming out of Denmark at the moment, Off Bloom are a truly exciting trio to behold. Alex, Mads and Mette are making fresh, electronic music which is a real shock to the system upon first listen. The production on tracks such as Love To Hate It is so refreshing and its video features even better dance moves, showing off a side of vulnerability in their music too on songs such as Lover Like Me and Orchid. After supporting LANY, Fickle Friends and Dua Lipa on tour this year, they’re starting to develop a cult following and it’s not hard to see why. They’re one of the most exciting live acts of recent years and we can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for them.

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Astrid S

For many of us, our first introduction to Astrid S was her supporting Troye Sivan on the Blue Neighbourhood tour early last year. Since then, she’s released even more bops, such as Bloodstream, Think Before I Talk and Such A Boy. She really is a delightful person as well as an incredibly talented singer, as she’s often seen delivering pizza to her fans waiting for her venues in the cold.

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Unlike many other Scandinavian countries, Finland’s contribution to popular culture hasn’t been as great as its neighbours. However, that’s all about to change thanks to ALMA. Off the back of her bold single Chasing Highs which was a hit in the UK this summer, she is determined to make her mark on the music industry. Phases was incredibly underrated, as well as some of her older tracks such as Karma, but ALMA is not going to let the UK public sleep on her any longer. In 2018, we will all know about ALMA, and her nomination on the BBC Sound of 2018 reaffirms that.

Anna Of The North

Earlier this year, Anna Of The North quietly released one of the best pop albums of 2017. Their debut Lovers is full to the brim of emotive, glistening pop songs and her soft, airy vocals should appeal to fans of The Japanese House or The 1975’s last album. Tracks such as Fire and Money stand out for their bold lyricism and excellent production, whilst other cuts from the album such as Someone will truly make you feel all the feels.

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Lowly’s critically acclaimed debut album Heba was released almost a year ago and unfortunately went under the radar of many music lovers, but they are a band who really deserve our attention. This album is dripping with emotion, with painstaking lyrics such as “Have you ever felt so lonely / that you could map it on your body” from Deer Eyes and “So how’ve you been / cause I’ve been fine / then we chatter and cut the lines / never cared much about things that I cannot see” from Mornings. If you’re feeling moody, then these Danish prodigies have got you covered.


Chances are, if you’re an avid Spotify user, you’ll have heard Dagny’s absolute #banger Backbeat before. But Dagny is no ‘one hit wonder’, she has a catalogue of multiple feel good tunes, such as Wearing Nothing and her latest single Love You Like That. She recently finished a huge U.S tour supporting LANY and no doubt she’ll be back on the road next year wowing crowds around the world with her wonderful voice.


The perfect word to describe Skott is ethereal. She makes magical music which sounds like it was created somewhere deep in a Swedish forest, miles from civilisation. Her music almost ‘folktronica’ and you’ll be shocked to hear some of the high notes that she is able to reach on tracks such as Porcelain and Wolf. She’s supporting Danish legend MØ on her UK tour in March, so snap up a ticket while you can.


Vera is a Danish producer who is slowly starting to get the attention that he deserves. After collaborating with artists such as Off Bloom and MØ on her latest EP When I Was Young, he is beginning to make a name for himself, with the success of songs such as Falling (feat. Okay Kaya) and Nobody Else. Both are from his rather wonderful EP Good Job No Conversation which was released onto the world last Friday.


This Danish group have been hiding away in the studio working hard on their upcoming debut album after releasing their amazing EP First last year and a couple of singles before that. They’ve since signed to XL Recordings, which is a massive deal and a huge endorsement of their talent. Their frontman Søren Holm has some of the most unique vocals we’ve ever heard and, having also supported MØ in the past, they’re one of the many crazily talented bands coming out of Scandinavia who are ready to show the world what they’ve been quietly working on for the past few years.

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