10 Startups Every Foodie Needs in Their Life

The prestigious Startups100 list was announced this month, celebrating the 100 most promising and innovative new businesses in the UK.

The good news for food and drink lovers is that this year there is a selection of exciting companies that are building their business around delicious and nutritious goodies. Here are 10 of our favourites:



This Yorkshire-based family business are already disrupting the premium sausage market, turning over £12million in 2016. It may be an industry that is centuries old, but Heck! are leading the way with innovative ideas like their square BBQ sausage and a low fat chicken range. Check out more here.

Zing Zing


Chinese food delivery is given a modern, healthy twist by this London-based business. We spend a whopping £1.4bn on Chinese takeaways each year, but Zing Zing have already managed to take a significant slice, receiving 170,000 orders from its 40,000 customers. Check out more here.


10710722_801286619935773_7760561084655166135_n (1)

Chocolate connoisseurs will love this new chocolate café and retail business, as they strive on a mission to bring ‘real’ chocolate back to the market. Based in Kent, their range already includes 130 different tasty chocolate products that you will find in places like Harrods and Selfridges. Check out more here.



Many of us eat and drink different things for their supposed health benefit, but have you ever wondered what they really do to your body? This innovative food and drink supplements company create natural health products that come with an accompanying state-of-the-art fitness tracking app, so you can see for yourself exactly what it does to your health. Check out more here.

Candy Kittens


Fans of Made in Chelsea will already be familiar with founder Jamie Liang, but you might also want to get to know his brand of gourmet, fruit-based, gluten free confectionary. It has already launched into Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Selfridges and is on track to turnover £1.5m this year. Check out more here.

Rebel Kitchen


A healthier take on the milkshake market, this London based company produce coconut milkshakes that are dairy, additive and preservative-free. Just six months after launch they are already taking on big brands on the shelves of Waitress. Their Chai healthy coconut milk is a must have. Check out more here.

Pip & Nut


This clever all nut butter brand claim to be “putting the ‘nut’ back in nutrition,” offering an alternative without palm oil and refined sugars. Set to turnover £3.3m in 2016, their natural nut butter can already be found on the shelves of 2,300 stores across the UK. Check out more here.

Cauli Rice


At a time when many of us are looking to cut down on carbs, this low calorie rice alternative made from cauliflower should be set for explosive growth over next few years. Already selling to 1,500 supermarkets across the UK, the company is on track to turnover £2m in 2016. Check out more here.



Ever fancied whipping up a delicious gourmet dessert in an evening but been clueless at where to start? This home baking kit subscription business uses recipes created in collaboration with two-star Michelin chef Michel Roux and delivers them direct to your door. Check out more here.

The Yorkshire Meatball Co.


Yorkshire is fast becoming a top destination for foodies, andis now also home to the UK’s only meatball bar and restaurant. Based in Harrogate, it has already won awards for local tourism and ‘Restaurant Business of the Year,’ but if you can’t make to Yorkshire the good news is they are in talks to also retail in over 300 stores UK-wide. Check out more here.

The full Startups100 list can be viewed here